Question : How do I get the referral IP address

I am currently using this:


but it only gives me the referring URL, I need to get the IP address instead.  Anyone know how this is done, I know I had it before but for some stupid reason I lost it, if I remember it's just 3 lines of code.  Any thoughts?

Answer : How do I get the referral IP address   >>> DBPix ...

You might want to consider this ... and I can totally vouch for this program.  

It does all the work for you. Examples show how to add a simple 'control' panel to Load, Save, Zoom In/Out, Size To Fit and much more.  AND ... virtually eliminates BLOAT associated with storing images in an Access MDB. I have 3 clients who sell commercial run-time products that use DBPix.

Note. I have no connection with DBPix ... except I have used it many times ...


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