Question : How to configure Exchange Granular Backup with Symantec BE

Guys, have any of you done Granular Backups with BE 12.5?

I've tried Symantec links but it  hasn't helped. Have any of you actually done it and be able to post something up here? I'm running server 2008, exchange 2007.

I've got the latest MAPI client installed. There is a mailbox configured which is unique and can be seen in the GAL. In Exchange 2007 Organization Configuration, as far as I know, everything has been configured correctly. However, I can't trail through mailboxes when I want to select a backup job. Also, when I start the backup to tape, after around 45mins the job fails telling me that the latest MAPI client needs to be installed.

Very confused!! Any tips or step by steps would be great.

Answer : How to configure Exchange Granular Backup with Symantec BE

Also make sure that the Backup Exec Service Account has the following settings:
1  : Member of the Domain Admin Group and Member of the Local Admin Group if Exchange is a Member Server.
2  : Mailbox Enabled account NOT hidden from the Global Address List
Send an E-mail to the account and open it in OWA to activate the Mailbox
3  : Unique Account (1st five letters)
4  : Exchange FULL Administrator.
If Backup Exec is installed on a 32-bit Server, make sure that the Exchange 32-bit Management Client is installed on the Backup Exec Server.
Restart Backup Exec Services and the remote agent service on the Exchange server.
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