Question : Email Server Software used in conjuction with SQL Server or MySQL database

Hello Experts,

I am trying to gather my thoughts on a project that I would like to put together and would like to see what kind of suggestions I can get from all of you.

In short, I would like to build an email server that contains a massive database of user information, email addresses, etc. and I would like to basically tie the two together much like Exchange and Active Directory. My thought is that this database can store user information just like you would do in Active Directory however it would be scalable to thousands or even millions of users and their email addresses would not need to exist on the domain, it could simply be [email protected] or [email protected].

I'm not entirely sure if this can be done but I'm looking for some suggestions in terms of how I might be able to set something like this up. Information such as what email server software to use (open source or purchase something), whether I should use SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

I know that this is a very vague question but unfortunately I can't give too much information about what I'm trying to do at this time. Any responses you can provide would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

Answer : Email Server Software used in conjuction with SQL Server or MySQL database

A standard combination would be sendmail as SMTP/POP3 server, using an LDAP server such as openldap as user directory. You can complete this package with a Web mail server and an IMAP server. All is depending on your needs.
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