Question : Printing Crystal report from CrystalReportViewer

We have c# code that grabs a crystal report, passes it parameters and then displays it in a CrystalReportViewer.

When it is in this viewer it displays the fonts perfectly.

When we hit the print button from the viewer page and print it to a laser printer, it looks perfect just like it did in the viewer.

Now when we print this to a Okidata Dot Matrix printer, which this is where it needs to print due to our process, it print out with a different/broken font.  It is hardly readable.  

Any ideas?

Answer : Printing Crystal report from CrystalReportViewer

Crystal uses the default printer to render the report so I suspect in this case the default printer is the laser printer.  When you print to the Okidata  Crystal uses the laserjet driver to render the report then prints on a dot matrix which doesn't do a good job.

Try this
Open the report in the designer
Change the printer for the report to the Okidata
  even better would be to make the Okidata the default printer.
Save the report with the new printer assigned.

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