Question : inventory volume licence key  on network

Hi what i need is some script or software thay will look at my network and see all the xp and win7 licences keys used in the building. like a inventory system

the reasion is we are a school with alot of computers and some are on an old volume licence key and some are on a new one we need to know what computer has what key  

also if its software a free virsion work be good
thanks for any help

Answer : inventory volume licence key  on network


I assume you don't have a current backup? And I assume you deleted the file using "rm" at the commandline (not the graphical "dtfile" or the like)?

If so, and if you actually don't have a backup, things are going to get really complicated or expensive, because AIX has no straightforward mechanism to recover deleted files.

There is a company offering a commercial undelete product for AIX -

Prices go from 2.500 EUR to 4500 EUR.

You can try it using by yourself the filesystem debugger "fsdb". It's awfully complicated, but will work in most cases, given that you follow accurately the steps outlined in this paper -

Note that you will have to umount the filesystem! If this is not possible, you're lost!

Alas the above article deals with legacy jfs. There are some differences in fsdb when it comes to jfs2. Consult the section "JFS2" subcommands" in "man fsdb" to learn about these differences, if some command mentioned in the article doesn't work as expected.

Please let me know what you're going to do and don't hesitate to ask for assistance!

Good luck!


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