Question : Windows 7 Logon Script - Permission Errors - Route Add etc

Hi there,

We've been using .BAT logon scripts for years and they've worked fine. We're slowing moving over to Windows 7, so I'm converting the old scripts to .VBS scripts.

I've had loads of problems with mapped drives, replacing the hosts file etc, but I've sorted all of them now.

The current problem I have is adding entries to the route table. I'm using this command in the VBS script:

Set objExecObject = objShell.Exec(route add -p mask")

The command seems fine, but doesn't add the entry to the route table for non-administrators.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Either with a login in script, or some other way of globally adjusting the routing table on each computer without making the users local administrators?

Running a Windows 2003 domain with XP and 7 clients.


Answer : Windows 7 Logon Script - Permission Errors - Route Add etc

Go for false rather than true.  The first form that is not read (not checked) is where you focus.

If Not Me.Check1 Then
ElseIf Not Me.Check2 Then
Else  ' last page does not need test
End If
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