Question : Copy and paste data from different workbooks

Hi Experts,

I need experts help to create a VBA code to copy(WB1) and paste(WB2) data from 2 different workbooks.

Workbook Name: Detail Overtime
Sheet name: Data
Range to copy: B25:R42

Workbook Name: Detail Report
Sheet name: Overtime
Range to paste: B3:R20

Both files are sitting in the same network folder which is \\bc01\Main\Data\Report. I’ll run this code in workbook2.

Hope Experts could help me to create this feature.

Answer : Copy and paste data from different workbooks

Got it.

Please change the line

wb1.Sheets("Data").Range("B25:R42").Copy _


wb2.Sheets("Overtime").Range("B3:R20").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
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