Question : AD Group Policy for Citrix Xenapp servers


We apply a group policy to our Xenapp servers that disables a number of functions to authenticated users e.g. no command line, no control panel, no access to local drives.

The problem is when administrators log in, the policy prevents them from performing their work.

How can I prevent this policy from being applied to a particular user group?


Answer : AD Group Policy for Citrix Xenapp servers

Click on the Delegation Tab of the group policy you have created.
If 'Domain Admins' is listed,  click on the 'Advanced' button.
Select 'Domain Admins' in the list and then click on deny 'Apply group policy' and click on 'OK'.

If 'Domain Admins' isn't listed, add them and then follow the above process.

You may want to do the same for 'Enterprise Admins' as well.
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