Question : Perl one liner to read from file

I have a file that contains paths to files in out CVS such as:


I need to run the following command on each of the files in the list.


cvs checkout -p /production/interface/help/test-1.html > test-1.html

so need to take the file path from the file and then direct it to a file using the file name from the file in the file name and path.

I could do a simple "for i in";do.......

but using that my $i is the full path where I need to direct the checked out file to just the file name, so not getting that to work.

I've tried to sort out a one liner I can do it with Perl but not getting that to work as well, should be a hard thing to do.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer : Perl one liner to read from file

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