Question : Exchange 2007 Cluster Switch from CCR to SCC

We have an Exchange 2007 hub/transport server and then two Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers setup in a CCR cluster configuration.  We are running both of these servers off of a Lefthand SAN that is striping the data across multiple SAN nodes.  In total we have four copies of our exchange databases on our SAN (the two between Exchange servers and the built in two way replication of the SAN itself).  We are running low on storage and at this point don't have the money to upgrade our SAN.  Is it possible to switch the Exchange cluster from CCR to SCC?  If so what are the risks involved?

Answer : Exchange 2007 Cluster Switch from CCR to SCC

If you want to Switch from CCR to SCC then you have to rebuild the Entire Exchange Mailbox Servers again.

Plus in SCC if the SAN goes bad then you stand at risk of loosing the Databases.

I would say you need to check for the Reducing the Size of the Databases.

Check if the Old Log Files are getting Flushed out with the Backup Software.

Check users Mailbox Size. Reduce the Users Mailbox Size.

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