Question : Exchange 2007 contacts processing issue

We have a user with a Droid phone that was duplicating his contacts. His contacts got up to 145,000 showing in Outlook. Yesterday I wiped his phone to prevent the duplication from continuing and tried to remove all the duplicate contacts from his Outlook. He is now down to 1,000 contacts showing in Outlook. At that point our Exchange server first start slowing down, delaying email by 10-15 minutes. I then closed his Outlook which seemed to be processing the contacts change hoping to stop the slowness. After an hour email stopped flowing at all and we had to reboot Exchange to regain access. This morning we tried to open his Outlook to update the contacts but the same thing happened. How can I fix this issue and without messing up the Exchange server at the same time?

Answer : Exchange 2007 contacts processing issue

<basically when it is clicked a message box or something asks if this is employees or equipment.>

As far as I know the combobox's list must be loaded *before* the combobox is clicked.
So it seems that you may have to find another way to activate the choice.
Perhaps you could try it when the Form is initialized, or create a option group, or a make master combobox, ...
(Again, this only illustrates why this is nonstandard functionality.)

In any event, ...the code could be something like this:

'Create the variable
Dim strWhatList As String
    'Load the variable with whatever text the user enters in the inputbox
    strWhatList = InputBox("What List?" & vbCrLf & "(Enter: 'EM' for Employees, or 'EQ', for Equiptment)")
    'If the user clicks "Cancel",
    'exit the sub with no lists loaded into the combobox
    If strWhatList = "" Then
        'Display a message, then open the form
        '(without a list in the combobox)
        MsgBox "No list selected to load the combobox.", vbInformation
        Exit Sub
    ElseIf strWhatList = "EM" Or strWhatList = "em" Then
        'Load the appropriate list range
        Me.cboWhatList.RowSource = "=Sheet1!A2:A8"
        'Set the combobox label
        Me.lblWhatList.Caption = "Employees"
    ElseIf strWhatList = "EQ" Or strWhatList = "eq" Then
        Me.cboWhatList.RowSource = "=Sheet1!B2:B6"
        Me.lblWhatList.Caption = "Equiptment"
        MsgBox "Invalid value, no list loaded in the combobox.", vbInformation
        Exit Sub
    End If

I am sure you you will be able to adapt this to work in your database.

I have attached a sample


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