Question : iPhoneos build error

I have updated to iPhoneos 4,

but any iPhone Xcode I try and compile (that worked in v 3)

hits me with

"error: There is no SDK with the name or path 'iphoneos3.1.3"

It's as if it is still trying to find the old sdk.

How do I update links like this?

Answer : iPhoneos build error

It is xcode Version 3.2.3, is that okay? even tho iphone is at 4?

Yes.  XCode is not related to the iPhone version.

Does that matter? btw, are iPad apps also done in xcode?

iPad Applications are also coded in XCode.  You have to build for firmware 3.2 to build for iPad.

If it works in simulator, does that guarantee it will work on iPhone?

Yes.  The simulator is almost exactly like an iPhone.  It is more precise because of a mouse so make sure that you test your application on an iPhone before submission.

Is there an easy way to set it to show app on iPhone itself, not simulator? during dev?

You only have to install the profile once every few months.  It is easy from now on.
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