Question : How do I set up my wireless network?

A friend of the family setup my network and is no longer contactable. We had a fire and have had to replace our router and access point at the house. I need help setting my network back up. I have an office at the back of our property which I have internet for which is connected to an Asus router. The house has a new router (D-Link DIR-300) which will be connected by ethernet from LAN port to LAN port of our new access point (Edimax BR-6204Wg Wireless-g Broadband Router) which is then connected to a large directional antenna (was safe from fire). (I don't understand why we have both equipment. There was an ethernet switch between the two, but I'm hoping we can do without it.) Anyway we want to be able to setup a network at home so everybody in the house can connect wirelessly to it that can access the internet from the office. What do I need to do? A step by step guide would be great, including what SSIDs to use. I'm at a loss. At the moment all three routers have different network names. I wanted to keep the house network seperate from the office network. If I attach the big antenna at the house to a USB Wireless Adapter on my laptop I can connect to the office network. However when I connect the antenna back to the access point (Edimax Router) we have no internet via the home network. Please help!

Answer : How do I set up my wireless network?

it means you don't have compelete set of jar's in classpath for you to run that command.

If you are using eclipse it will help you to solve this problem very easily, just create a Dynamic web project and copy your WSDL in to that. Right click on the WSDL, you will find "Generate WebService" option if you select the WSDL to java options from there on it take care of adding the required axis jars to the project and gets you the complete service code!
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