Question : Photoshop error when trying to save flavicon.ico

I have photoshop CS2 and have reduced my png file to 16 by 16 but when I try to save it as a windows icon named flavicon.ico I get an error message that I don't have enough RAM. I have 4GB! Does anyone know what is going on here? I just downloaded the windows icon plug in into my plug in folder - first time I have tried this.

Answer : Photoshop error when trying to save flavicon.ico

a bit unrelated, but I have tried to create the flavicon.ico using photoshop cs4 and had no problem, but the results are quite bad, I tried several things but the results kept on being sub standard. so I tried the another aplication for free its called "realworld icon editor" and got really good results on my first try, maybe you can check it out
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