Question : Most appropriate way of accessing mySQL from C# app?

I have standlalone c# app I want to give clients.  App needs to check that password is still valid before allowing user to download data.  Passwords Im thinking of storing on mySQL table on my website via my ISP, other thought was by Amazon SDB or something like that.  

Problem is Im having trouble getting my head around how to connect to the mySQL server from the app using an appropriate connection string.  Im getting all sorts of conflicting info that I need clarifying.

1. In order to have the app check the mysql table do I need a static IP address for the server?  Ive been told yes by the ISP provider, I thought by placing a '%' wildcard in the remote mysql area of cPanel would solve this?   They said no so Im presuming they are correct on this point?

2.  Does a user of the app have to have a static IP address for this to work or is that bogus information from them, I cant work this out, or know why they wouldnt be able to access my database without one?

3. What do I write for the connection string?  its version 6.3.2 even there by googling things are conflicting?  eg do I use the word "password=" or does it have to be "Pwd=" or some other variant, Im being told gaps matter and then told  they dont!  and then the string must be in lowecase and then that doesnt matter?.  I cant get a live example of what a "server=" should actually equal without seeing "server=yourserver;" what is an example of what should be written in as a substitute for "yourserver".  Is it my website address? with www. or without? or is it the ISPs name of their server?  I cant get my head around that bit?

Please help, its probably so babyish to some of you that you will be laughing but Im in a real jam with this?  Thanks

4.  Is there a better way of doing this and im on a mission to nowhere using this mySQL password verification setup?

Answer : Most appropriate way of accessing mySQL from C# app?

there is  no difference more or less. that function is supposed to be used by restricted user.
the only difference is not regarding ntfs permission, but the permission the programm will have on the system.
in vista and 7 allso running process have defined permission to write or modify registry. so a progra that run as administrator will have full access to the system.
in this way an administrator can choose wether to run a progrma with limited rights or with full permission.
hope this help.
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