Question : how do i compress PCM data?


i am using managed DirectSound and i am working on voice chat system, up to now i could capture sound from microphone and play it back on another machine, captured sound is PCM data and of course it is too heavy to transfer PCM data over internet, i need to compress/encode this data before sending and decompress/decode on the other machine, i am tired of searching for working .net encoder/decoder.

could any one help me find the right way for doing it? any suggestion will be helpful.

Answer : how do i compress PCM data?

Here is one ,NET version

One of the simplest encodings are the Alaw/Mulaw 8bit mono encodings that need only 64kbps of data. Thats the bandwidth needed by simple POTS line and the encodings are used there too. They are optimized for voice and therefore music and other sounds play badly.

As for codecs, its better if you first make an estimate of the kind of bandwidth that you would like to dedicate to a voice channel. There are many codecs out there ranging from those that do heavy compression and others that keep the quality intact and therefore less compression.  

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