Question : Best Method for Multi-Booting Multiple Operating Systems

Hi folks!

I work at a junior college with a hands-on IT program. In our main lab that is used for hands-on work, we would like to set up the workstations to multi-boot a vareity of operating systems, likely including:

- Windows XP Professional (32-bit with Service Pack 3)
- Windows Vista Enterprise (64-bit with Service Pack 2)
- Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit)
- Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (64-bit)

We have the appropriate licensing through the MSDNAA program to allow all of these systems to be used; I'm just trying to get all of the technical details straight. Althought I have done a dual-boot scenario before, I have never tried to multi-boot more than two operating systems.

Can anyone point me to a good "how to" guide and/or provide any pointers for the best way to go about this?


- Tom

Answer : Best Method for Multi-Booting Multiple Operating Systems

Partition the drive(s) using the Ubuntu Live CD - appropriately of course...ext4 for ubuntu and ntfs for the Windows drives. Install your Windows OS's into respective partitions (in the sequence you mentioned above) . Then Install Ubuntu. Grub should pick up the other OS's and provide the boot menu. You can edit the grub (menu.1st) -
Having separate drives would be convenient

I have done this, but prefer the use of Virtualbox. There are some limitations to this as apposed to your model. The NIC, Video and Audio cards on the guest are virtual. So you limit what you can do, but saves the hassle of rebooting between OS's AND you can share a common drive/directory.
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