Question : Best simple, free UML design tool for C++

I am looking for a UML design tool for a simple C++ project I am about to do.  I am amazed at how many options are out there, even free ones.

The only wishes I can think of are:
- easy to use, no steep learning curves please :-)
- can generate C++ code (guess most of them can)

These are just some choices that looked promising to me before my head started spinning, but I don't know much about them.  Maybe one of the below will do - or other suggestions?
- MagicDraw UML Personal Edition
- StarUML
- Umbrello UML
- AndroMDA
- Acceleo
- Astade

Answer : Best simple, free UML design tool for C++

You will see the functionality when you use it. I have used a number of these tools, so know what is there. Eg drawing and printing and round trip engineering for different languages and ...  Best paid tool is EA. Best free is ArgoUML.
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