Question : Server Side Includes folder not in the right place?

I have multiple sites all hosted on one VPS. All the sites, are stored in one WWW folder. I have some content that I not only want to be the same on multiple PAGES of the one website, but I want it to be the same on multiple WEBSITES. I thought the solution for this was to make an "includes" folder in the WWW folder, and not in any specific site's folder, as you can see in the attached image.
FTP Directory

That does not seem to work. I get [an error occurred while processing this directive].  I don't know if it is just something that can't be done, or if I am not calling it up correctly. The next image shows how I am calling it up in my code.
Code where SSI is placed

I thought putting a slash before the includes folder "/includes/pricelist.htm" would tell the server to look outside the website's root folder, because when I have to call something up from the cgi-bin via a form action (not an include), doing it that ay works, and the cgi-bin is in the same directory that I put the includes folder.

If you want to see the page where I put the SSI code, it is

And also, my server IS configured to use SSI because when I put the SSI file I am calling into the root folder of a specific website, and just put "pricelist.htm" instead of "/includes/pircelist.htm" into the code, it works.

Answer : Server Side Includes folder not in the right place?

In this manner no.  You can use php includes across domains.  Another option will be to place the content as a javascript file.  It will need to live on an actual domain though.   Then add the javascript in the head of your document and display it in the middle of your page.

Otherwise, you just need to take your includes folder and duplicate it inside of each of your domain folders.
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