Question : Exchange OAB

We have a mixed Exchange 2003/2010 environment. Somehow we have managed to lose the OAB. Now neither Exchange server seems to want to create an OAB....half of my users are on 2010 and half on 2003.

Some of the issues are:
- New AD users are not appearing in the GAL.  
- Can't download GAL in Outlook.  Get 0x8004010f error message.
- Some of the 2003 users calendar events are not automatically being marked tentative and do not appear on their calendar.  Have not seen this issue with 2010 users.

How do we get the OAB to work properly?

Answer : Exchange OAB

Been a while since I ran Player. If you can't find the Manage Networks program take a look at this article:

Apparently it didn't install by default in Player version newer than 2.5...

Good Luck
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