Question : How to speed up insertion.

Have a partitioned table and want to insert multi-miillon records. What rules should be followed to speed up the inserting process? Forexample, tuned off logging. disable archive, etc...

Answer : How to speed up insertion.

OK, that makes a difference.  The portal doesn't like the match field (date) being editable via the portal.  I think a better solution, than to type directly into the filtered portal, is to offer users a different means of data entry/editing - see file attached.  Click the new button under the problematic portal to see what my preferred solution would be.  Read through the ExpensesEntry script also to see how it works.  It is important to point out that, if records are displayed in that central portal when you click the button, those records are displayed in the new window that opens.

I hope this an adequate solution for you.
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