Question : Cannot tracert beyond DSL modem

A neighbor with Verizon DSL cannot connect to the Internet.

A tracert to his DSL modem ( works but a traceroute to anything beyond that -- say, -- produces the message

Tracing route to []

and then rows of * * *

How do I troubleshoot this further?

Why does his DSL modem show up in the second tracert?


Windows XP

Answer : Cannot tracert beyond DSL modem

I was wrong about the modem; it's a Westell 6100 and does not have a router.

I also discovered that he has AOL DSL service which happens to be provided by Verizon so when he hit the reset button on the 6100, he wiped out his account info!

That's probably why the tracert kept trying to connect to

I spoke with VZ Tech Spt -- Jody who was terrific! -- who had me go to and click the "disable" button. Apparently that disabled the need to have a VZ account. He was then able to log into his AOL account and now he's a happy camper.

Jody described the situation as being in a "walled garden", a new one on me.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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