Question : Thawte Certificate missing the certifier chain

I have a Sharepoint server that has recently had a Thawte certificate installed in preperation to be published to the internet.

The certificate, however, appears to me missing the certifier chain.  It is installed but I see the following (first screenshot).

The server has the Thawte root CA certificates installed as normal (second screenshot).

This of course causes certificate errors in web browsers, as the certificate cannot be verified.

How can I correct this?

The server is a Windows 2008 R2 x64 Server with IIS.
Certificate Manager Snap In
Certificate Manager Snap In
Root CAs
Root CAs

Answer : Thawte Certificate missing the certifier chain

Refurbed in working condition:

Don't know why you'd want one, just buy a newer model?

Hope this helps anyway.
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