Question : Windows PFBACKUP can't find my Outlook PST.

Hello Experts,

I'm using Windows XP SP3, Outlook 2003 with PFBackup installed. In my network I have two Pcs where PFBackup has problems finding the PST so they can be backup to a safe place in the network.  One of them has two Outlook profiles in use and the other don't.  This I think is not the problem because I have other machines running more than one outlook profile in the same Windows profiles that the user work with.

How can I fix this problem? Some Ideas?

If more info. is requierd, please  ask.

Thank You.

Answer : Windows PFBACKUP can't find my Outlook PST.

We use the installshield automation interface wrapped in a C# project...we call it out as part of a script to build.  It is very possible to do this.  Also, here is an example from Installshield on some ways of doing it.
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