Question : Is there an alternative to Windows XP Dialer.exe?

I have a CTM system that uses the AVAYA Tapi2 interface to allow me CTI. Whereby I can click a button in Access and get it to dial a phone number on our IP Office system. It works fine for the most part except that I have 2 problems with it:

1) The Dialer.exe program is machine and not user specific. Thus if I replace someones PC at their desk it is necessary to 'reprogram' Dialer to use the correct extension.
2) Periodically (about once a month) Dialer totally forgets its configuration or kills itself and it is necessary to Reboot Windows and reset the configuration manually.

Ok neither of these problems is the end of the world, just a bit irritating. If anyone knows of an upgrade or a more reliable 'version' of this program I would appreciate if you could point me in the correct direction.



Answer : Is there an alternative to Windows XP Dialer.exe?

Try phonedialererpro
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