Question : Netlogon Service stopped on SBS2003

Hi All
We are attending single server running SBS2003 - its the only DC and 50 users rely on it for AD, Exchange etc.  After a McAfee update the server was rebooted by the local sys admin and when the server came back, no one could log on to the domain from any client.  Also it is not possible to logon locally to the server using the admin or domain admin accounts.  As this is a DC, there is no option to logon "this computer" locally either.  After Ctrl Alt Del and entering username and password on the server console the message is:
"unable to log you on because the netlogon service is not running on this machine."

I have tried all the Safe Mode options and either the same error message or a variant:
"the system cannot log you on now because the domain is not available."

So apart from recovery console, we are effectively shut out of this DC.

The backup is dubious - .bkf files produced by a version of Veritas  - they cannot be sure which version.  All  .bkf files are on a usb hard drive and I have low confidence in what they actually contain - finding the system state so far has shown no results.

I have tried many ways to get in - any ideas as to how to get the netlogon service to restart.  the rest of the OS looks intact, but who can tell at this point.

Your urgent response will be most appreciated, C

Answer : Netlogon Service stopped on SBS2003

Hi Awinish

UBCD4Win = a BartPE type cd based os - there's a link to it in your post with the link above.

As time ran out we began a repair install last night to attempt to preserve the programs installed on the server (as they are missing original software media).  The databases they run were vital.  The repair has worked OK and we are back in with no loss of AD or Exchange so far. Not ideal but best of a bad job considering their backups and the state of the server in the first place.

The customer who owns this DC operates in a small business environment and cannot afford the luxury of 2 dcs hence a single SBS2003.  Their previous IT supplier has let hem down and we were asked to salvage this situation.  They have requested a new server from us today which will be built with SBS2008 and then we will migrate their data next week.

I have never come across this netlogon error ever before in 10 years of working in this field and am disappointed as an MCSE that I couldnt find a fix after intense googling and asking for help at EE and on the Microsoft Technet forums.  You would think someone would have found a way round the issue.

Thank you very much for your help anyway. C
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