Question : Remote site unable to ping / connect to multiple subnets on home corporate network

I am currently on-site at our remote site (after an office move), trying to troubleshoot a long-standing issue of the remote site's subnet (192.168.2.x) unable to ping / see / connect to a couple of subnets on our corporate network (192.168.3.x and 192.168.5.x).  

Our remote site (192.168.2.x) can connect and ping our primary corporate subnet (192.168.1.x) by virtue of the site-to-site VPN and ACLs and route statements that are configured correctly.

We have a Cisco ASA 5510 on 8.3.1 on the home corporate network (Marlboro) and a Cisco ASA 5505 on 8.3.1 on the remote site (DC)

So, what I'm trying to accomplish:

* Allow remote site's 192.168.2.x subnet to connect and ping 192.168.3.x and 192.168.5.x on home corporate network

* Allow home corporate site's 192.168.1.x subnet to ping and connect to remote site's 192.168.4.x (just-added subnet).

I have attached the configs of each firewall.

home corporate network config
remote site network config

Answer : Remote site unable to ping / connect to multiple subnets on home corporate network

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