Question : Drupal site not showing at all, yet no errors.

Hey all,
First post here.  Lemme get right into it...
I have access to a Linux box remotely and have installed Drupal on the AMPP directory (var/www/html).

Yesterday, I could view the site like any site.  Today, I upload a local version with backed-up databases and put onto the server.

Now, when I go to the link...I get no errors in my browser.

In IE it says:
cannot display the webpage

In Chrome it says:
Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to my_xxx_server

Any help to fix this would be much appreciated!

Answer : Drupal site not showing at all, yet no errors.

So httpd wasn't running after all (as I suspected), but it should be now.

Do you get different errors from your browsers now?  You may need to clear your browser cache, or hold the Shift key when you reload the page.
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