Question : Create Logoff Script in Group Policy via Batch

I have select users where I want to create a logoff script to run a small vbs file.

Instead of going to all of their machines and setting up a logoff script in the Local Group Policy editor, I was wondering if it's possible to create a batch file that I can have them double click and it will create the logoff script policy for me.


They double click and if I were to manually goto GPedit.msc and then into the user configuration>>windows settings>>logoff scripts then I would see the script it's supposed to run

JOe K.

Answer : Create Logoff Script in Group Policy via Batch

put all of the users into a security group that you want to receive this GPO

on the security filtering tab, remove authenticated users and add your newly created security group

make sure the GPO is applied on the correct OU
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