Question : What is and how does HP uniform Drivers work?

So I am trying to "fix" a printer issue and i once again got tempted to have a look at the HP Universal Print Driver.

Anyone that can tell me what they are and if it works?

Answer : What is and how does HP uniform Drivers work?

in my experience, it's not a good idea on a server.  the client would also need the upd installed on their local machine in order to match, too.

from what i see, every server i tried this on, it adds thousands of lines to the registry - which causes some programs and especially the windows installer, to hang... as they have to crawl thru all those lines for no good reason.

the name is misleading - it's not actually one driver that works for all printers... it's more like a thing that intercepts print jobs, sends them to a certain program (the driver) interface, and lets you pick what port to send it to.  it's not as clear cut as it should be, and from what i've seen, rarely works if ever on a server.

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