Question : Exchange 2007

Been using 2007 for a single company but now need to add two new mail domains.  My server is an all one, Edge and Hub.  
I have configured the Organisation Configuration, Hub Transport to include my new domains, and are authorised.
Then I added them in to the Server configuration, Hub Transport.  Adding them in here to allow mail from our allowed list of external IP address.  I leave the internal ip address set as local server.  
However when I come to set my second domain it says I can't do this because they need different IP addresses in the configuration to work.  Why!

My goal is to allow and to receive email from the internet, the domains don't have users directly, but they feed in to a distribution group that is then forwarding the mail to a real user located in  Thus and are virtual users.
It is required that the virtual users can send email out.

I hope this makes sense.....

Any help would be grately appricated.

Any help.

Answer : Exchange 2007

you should better have the complete date in a column instead of separated columns for year and month...

that way you may have a query with "date BETWEEN getDate() AND DATEADD(MONTH, -3, getDate())"

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