Question : flashing the bios on an Acer Aspire 3610 laptop

I have flashed tons of bios's in my day, but I am looking for a definitive way to flash the bios on this particular laptop. Acer is no help, as the unit is out of warranty. They wanted me to pay them to tell me how to do it, and at 129.00 ish I would rather not go that route.
I am convinced this laptop has a rootkit and I need to flash the bios with the hard drive removed. I know the usual procedure is to boot it from a floppy that has the flash tool and the new bios file on it, then run the flash tool.
However if you go to and enter the revelant data, it gives you files that are in excess of 2meg that of course will not fit on a floppy.
The readme.txt file also tells you to run a tool/file that does not exist in the download.
I had thought of a bootable flash drive or simply a cd-r disc with the appropriate files on it, but I wanted to get other EXPERT opinions before I brick a customers laptop.
Thanks in advance.

Answer : flashing the bios on an Acer Aspire 3610 laptop

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