Question : wrap line in

On my table, I have a column called "Summary". It is varchar (2028). It is long..all in one line. My question is how can I wrap it.
I want to start the sentence with "This beginner's.... and line ends "computer languages", and go to next line "who want to learn..." the same lenght. How can I wrap it in code when pulling data from MS-DB?
Here is a sample.
This beginner's guide is designed for people with little or no prior knowledge of computer languages, who want to learn to program by using the language. If you have some previous programming experience, maybe in another language or from a few years ago, then you may also find this guide useful. Whether or not you have programmed before, you should already be familiar with computers before reading this guide. It assumes that you can perform simple tasks like starting a program, and that you are familiar with navigating around your computer by using Windows Explorer.

Answer : wrap line in

You do not 'wrap' the text in the table.  The text should be wrapped when it is displayed on a form or a report, and that is controlled by the properties of the control used to display the text in that form or report.


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