Question : object required error

I am trying to write a VB script in excel that will query some tables and return the results in a spreadsheet. Before I've used an access query and imported it into excel as a database query. Now, I'm using SQL Enterprise Manager and don't know of a way to import a query from the query analyzer, so I wrote this VB script trying to connect to my tables and import the data that way. I'm getting an error that says object required. Here is my script:

Sub CompareQry()

' Declare the QueryTable object
Dim qt As QueryTable

' Declare database varaiables
Dim SQLDB           As String
Dim SQLServer       As String
Dim SQLDbase        As String
Dim SQLUser         As String
Dim SQLPword        As String

Open App.Path & "\SQLConnect.txt" For Input As #1
Input #1, SQLServer, SQLDbase, SQLUser, SQLPword
Close #1

' Set up the SQL Statement
sqlstring = "SELECT a.item,a.qty,a.strnum,b.item as itemb, b.qty as qtyb,b.strnum " _
& "FROM     firsttbl a " _
& "inner join [server1].STORE.dbo.tablename b " _
& "on a.strNum = b.strnum and " _
& "a.Item = b.Item " _
& "and a.qty <> b.qty " _
& "Where a.strNum = '09'  order by a.item"

' Set up the connection string
connstring = "Provider=sqloledb;Server=" & SQLServer & ";User Id=" & SQLUser & ";Pwd=" & SQLPword & ";Database=" & SQLDbase

' Implement the connection, run the query, and add
' the results to the spreadsheet starting at row A1
With ActiveSheet.qt.Add(Connection:=connstring, Destination:=Range("A1"), Sql:=sqlstring)
 End With

End Sub

Thanks for all of your help!

Answer : object required error

Your error is most likely here


Because ActiveSheet does not have something called qt

You may want

Set qt = ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(....  
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