Question : outlook 2007 - shared, custom calendar

I work in a school and want to create a shared outlook 2007 calendar with lesson times rather than hours as the labels on the left (the lessons do not always start and finish on the hour). then I need to add timetabled lessons in some slots that cant be deleted by anyone, but allow the rest of the calendar to have staff write their booking information into it.

Is this possible?
maybe a different solution is required?

Answer : outlook 2007 - shared, custom calendar

There are two ways to acquire ESXi. As a free download suggested above and as an Embedded Hypervisor. The advantage of using an Embedded Hypervisor is you get to have real-time backups via the vMA appliance. The disadvantage of the Embedded Hypervisor is you can only buy it with the purchase of a new server.

The VSphere Client is the host management software that comes with ESXi and ESX.
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