Question : Linksys router / internet page not displaying

Question for you on an unusual happens on my home network.

I have a Linksys router and have had no issues with it for an age.
Yet recently the following is happening.

Network established ok as usual.
All correct lights are lit on the router (including the internet light).

2 Laptops say connected to the network.

When I load up the internet (various browsers), I get the 'Page cannot be displayed' message.

I have a Cisco VPN I use for my work.
So I connect to the VPN and load up the internet without  issues.

Any idea what this can be.

Every now and then this happens.

I have to turn the router off a few times before it will work.

Just can’t understand why I can get a connection yet no internet, and also not a problem via theVPN.

Answer : Linksys router / internet page not displaying

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