Question : MDX query help (sub queries)

Please excuse my ignorance, but can someone help write this MDX query:

Count      Customers (Dimension)
Having:                           Where:
total sales> 10000      in 2009


Having:                           Where:
margin > 20%      in 2008


Having:                              Where:
AR Balance > 0                 in 2009

Answer : MDX query help (sub queries)

I don't know that ASP is itself not secure, but there are certainly more security features in .NET. You can even implement them in classic ASP:

One thing to do though, is try to look at ASP.NET as completely different than ASP way of doing things. I have seen a lot of code that is in .NET that looks like classic ASP code, and though it may work, it is not good programming design and is not maintainable. It is also slower in many cases, since the page has to be evaluated instead of having compiled code in a DLL.

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