Question : how to monitor my network's traffic on real time

I would like to know what good solutions or software are out there for my needs.  I have a linksys router and several computers connect wirelessly to the internet.

I need to see the upload and download traffic of every computer, and idealy what applications are using the internet.
Graphs of what computer consumes the most bandwidth or others of that sort would be very usefull.

Is there a way of setting a computer more priority or bandwidth for the internet?
Or to somehow limit the speed of some computers or applications?

Answer : how to monitor my network's traffic on real time

>Is there any way I can somehow upgrade my router's software.

Yes: <-- various firmwares to offer enhanced services.

An article on using the above:

That is what I was talking about when I said: http:/Q_26296090.html#33101541

"My Linksys has custom open source firmware that also does a lot of what  you mentioned, however flashing the router's firmware is not for the  faint of heart."
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