Question : Dynamically show all of gridview and expand page

I have a gridview that shows 20 records. Is there a way to only show 4 records and have a "more" link at the bottom of the grid and when they click the link the gridview dynamically "grows" to the rest of the record? Of course everything below the gridview will dynamically move down the page when they click the link. I like the "smooth" transition so I'm not sure if this will need to be done with AJAX, javascript, css, etc... Thanks.

Answer : Dynamically show all of gridview and expand page

do you want it to postback or not?  if it doesnt matter on the first select you could select like the top 20 and then on the expand select all.  Otherwise you can do some stuff with the resizable control or the collapsable control.  or you could just put the grid in a panel with no vertical scrollbars  and use a javascript click to set the height to 100% and then a fixed size
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