Question : Customise vendor and manufacturer popup window in virtuemart.


I'm trying to remove the horizontal scrollbar that appears along the bottom of the vendor information and manufacturer information popup windows, so that the content in the window is forced to resize itself to fit horizontally inside the dimensions of the window and the user doesn't have to scroll horizontally.  But the window still needs to be able to resize itself when the maximise button is selected at the top od the window.

Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve (you may need to click this link twice for the vendor infomation to show correctly):

How do I do this and what page do I need to put the code on?

I'm using virtuemart 1.1.4 and joomla 1.5.17

Can anyone help me with this ?

Answer : Customise vendor and manufacturer popup window in virtuemart.

Yes it is possible, but may not be feasible. We do something similar in our company, backing up data of a remote office to one of our servers in HQ. We have a 24/7 VPN connection between the sites and we do this via normal mapped network drive. It works, but we only have approx 5Gb data to backup.

So if you have large amount of data to backup then an ordinary broadband line may not be sufficient. Perhaps you can get a leased line or T1 or whatever between the sites. However, this shouldn't be your only backup for the main server, this should be treated as a second backup "just in case".
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