Question : Where's my domain prompt?

Ok folks, I can't imagine this to be too difficult but I can't seem to find anything specifying how to do this.

I've migrated a VPN configuration from a Cisco 3030 VPN Concentrator over to an ASA firewall. The VPN connection works fine but I'm no longer seeing a prompt for username/password/domain but am seeing just username/password as the prompt when a user connects to the ASA. I'm using a AAA connection to an ACS appliance for RADIUS / TACACS+. Does anyone know how to tweak either the ASA or ACS to prompt for the domain as well? I'm really just trying to get it to show so that my users don't freak that something is not longer the way that it was. I'm confident that the users are being authenticated against the AAA server.


Answer : Where's my domain prompt?

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