Question : Exchange 2010 RPC encryption problem.

Hi all,

I am new to Exchange 2010, but not to Exchange. So, when I ask this question, please don't laugh!

I have installed Exchange 2010 and have RPC encryption issues between Outlook 2003, 2007. I know Outlook 2003 does not support RPC encryption between itself and Exchange 2010 by default, but I am getting the same problem on Outlook 2007.  As soon as I join Outlook to Exchange 2010, it tells me the Exchange server is not available / or offline. So I know this is an RPC encryption issue, so I disable RPC client encryption on the Exchange 2010 server using the following command:

Set-RpcClientAccess –Server Exchange_server_name –EncryptionRequired $False

And then verify it that it is disabled with the following command:

Get-RPCClientAccess -Server exchange |fl
 Output:  EncryptionRequired    : False

So - Exchange RPC encryption is disabled on the server, now the client:
I  setup a new Exchange profile and in Outlook, and go under security tab and remove "Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange" I have it on, and removed this, "logon network Security" I have on all the available settings. But it comes up with the same error over and over again!

Nothing I do with the RPC encryption on the Exchange 2010 server, and on the clients are having an affect when I try and connect a client Outlook to the Exchange server - it just picks the Exchange server up as being offline.

How do you successfully disable RPC encryption between the server and the client? I cant join any of my clients to the Exchange server.

Is there something I am missing that is new in Exchange 2010? I know RPC encryption in Exchange 2010 is compulsory, so use it or disable it kind of thing, any ideas in why all my Outlook clients are picking up the Exchange 2010 server as offline?

The clients are 2003 and 2007 mixed, but the mijority are 2007 Outlook running latest SP.

Thanks in Advance!

Answer : Exchange 2010 RPC encryption problem.

Acronis says that it can restore to dis-similar hardware - see this Acronis article
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