Question : Default VLAN issues on a Powerconnect 6200

Hi All,

I am trying to add a port on a Powerconnect 6200 to a new VLAN, which I am able to do fine. There is one problem though, under the default VLAN (1) it sets itself to F (Forbidden) which then blocks all access. If I try to remove the port from the default VLAN, I receive an error stating "Error! Cannot set default VLAN to static"

Any ideas?

Answer : Default VLAN issues on a Powerconnect 6200

Yes, in fact the machine I am using has access to all of our subnets. If i take the network cable out of port 1, which is VLAN5, and plug it into port 2 which is on the default VLAN, I can connect just fine. I am just unable to connect to the management console if the cable is in port 1
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