Question : Laptop wont boot from LAN to accept ghost image

I am trying to drop a ghost image on a new Lenovo X201 laptop. THe image is for a X200 but there are no difference s in the driver formet between the two models that i know of. I have the bios set to boot from nic, wake on lan and SATA set to compatablity. When booting from the on board internal NIC to an active and open session on my ghost server. that session fails and i get a PCI adapter error.  
If i log into the laptop witht he factory OS i am able to pull an internal IP address succesfully yet i am unable to drop the Standard comapny image on the new laptop. Seeking insight!!!!

Answer : Laptop wont boot from LAN to accept ghost image

Do you have PXE boot setup? how are you booting from Network? Let me know if you need help seting up PXE Boot services.

Without it network book will not work the way you are tying to boot. Yes, your PC will get a an IP address on the regular network from windows, but that has nothing to do with booting from NIC/LAN there is alot more to it then just plugging in the network cable and expect the Laptop or any computer to boot.

If you don't want to set up PXE booting then your other option is to use what SysExpert says regular network boot disk which can be created using the Ghost Boot disk Wizard.

Let me know which route you want to take...

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