Question : windows server 2008 foundation

I am setting a new server (OEM – building one). With windows 2008 Foundation, as you know for some reason (I like to know why) Microsoft provide this 15 user maximum client OS in only 64 bit version.
I will install QB enterprise 10 on this server and I would like to enable terminal services so clients to be able to run it of the server. They also will use the server as file server and print server (No Domain, only work group).
There are only 4 workstations (windows XP) that will use this server as file server and print server.

Any one has any suggestion that I should not use foundation version and mixing 64-bit and 32 bit OS. I know that I have to install 32 bit printer driver on the server if I want to use it as print server.
This is the 1st windows 2008 server I am setting up, anything unusual I must watch for it.

Answer : windows server 2008 foundation

it is all about money.

windows foundation is much more cheaper than windows server with 15+ CALS.

of course, it also introduce some limitation as well.
like this server only support 1CPU, max of 8G of ram and some other limitation.

also whether QB supporting 64bit that another issue.

I personally think, if you only have 1 server in the envoironment, and only have max of 15 users in next few years, this is a good start (and the lowest investment)
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