Question : AP div Dreamweaver cs3 shifts in IE8

The page I am working on is located at

I am using AP divs over a background image (CSS sprite).  The AP divs drop in an animated gif slideshow and text numbers over "Current Matches" bubble and "Kids Waiting" bubble.

It lines up in Firefox and Google Chrome, but these 3 AP divs appear to shift to the left in IE8 - Internet Explorer 8.
The background image is in a div called subNavigation - css is in the file /CSS/master.css

Thank you in advance for your time. -Sweet Iowa

Answer : AP div Dreamweaver cs3 shifts in IE8

1) Is this actually a hanging session? I don't assume so, because there is a ttsession present, which will keep the script from doing anything.  Furthermore, the basic xterm is not a child of init but of gsl_09.07.007 which seems to be the "normal" situation.

Could it be that the problem arises the very moment this obscure gsl_09.07.007 vanishes and leaves xterm orphaned?

2) No wonder that the script fails, with all those extra linefeeds! Where do they come from?

ps -ef -o user,pid,args | grep catintr | while read line
  set $line
    if [ $(ps -ef -o user,comm | grep $USER | grep -c dtsession) -ne 0 \
           -o $(ps -ef -o user,comm | grep $USER | grep -c ttsession) -ne 0 ]
     then :
       for pid in $(proctree $PID 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $1}' | sort -nu)
          if [ $(ps -f -o user= -p $pid 2>/dev/null) = $USER ]
             ps -fp $pid
             echo kill $pid
         echo "---"

You can't split lines in a shell script wherever you like. There are some syntax rules to be observed!


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