Question : Cisco 6509 SUP720 IPv4 CEF Entries

I have a set of 3 Cisco 6509 routers acting as my border routers, each with a BGP session to a different provider.  I filter the BGP table coming in from each provider to not send me routes anything smaller than a /24 due to my memory constraints on a SUP720PFC3A.  this works great.  However, last night, I accidentally took the filter off one of my peers, and it filled up the TCAM Utilization to 100%.  I quickly applied the filter, and reset my peering session and the usage then went back down to 40-50%.  HOWEVER.  I still get messages in syslog about the tcam overflow, and i am having some throughput issues globally, and packet loss on my loopback interfaces.  how do i clear the memory problem short of rebooting the chassis?  
(i have had this issue before, and rebooting the chassis fixed the issue, but i dont really want to do that)  attached is a file with some helpful info.  
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Answer : Cisco 6509 SUP720 IPv4 CEF Entries

Hmm, so if the error you are receiving now is the one at the end of file then it obviously says that some traffic is being software switched, hence the perfromance issue. Which on a 6500 is a death sentence since it is underpowered in that regard.  Once you reach that state the only way to recover is to reload unfortunately. Here is a good link;

harbor235 ;}

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