Question : Windows KMS Clients Activation

How do I interpret the Event Log interactions of my KMS server with clients, mainly Windows 7.
I have had the KMS on-line for a while now and it works like a charm with the Win2k8R2 servers. I remember a while back trying to input a Win 7 license but it spit an error and I went away from it because we were not setting up any Win 7 clients at the time.
Now that we are starting to setup Win 7 clients, it appears that they are being Activated, I am not sure how, but I suspect it is the KMS.

I see it on both types of clients, so does the 12290 event in the Key Management Service Event Log represent a successful Activation?

Is there a way from the clent to determine the source of activation?


Answer : Windows KMS Clients Activation

I have not tried myself but google came up with plenty of options.

Top of the list:

Freeware- looks simple and effective.

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