Question : exchange user with corrupted mailbox

I have a Mac user using Entourage software connected to our domains exchange server. Last week his calendar started duplicating entries, over 300 times per day. Today he said his Entourage calendar is grayed out. I have looked at this user in active directory account on the exchange server. I do not see anything wrong at first.
 I then looked in Exchange system manager and found this user’s mailbox is at 807 MB. His total item count is at a whopping 164,612. The second largest user only has only 16,918 items in their mailbox.
 My question:
 Is there a repair procedure for just one exchange, mailbox?
Exchange server is using Windows Server 2003. Standard Edition with Service pack 2.
Exchange version is 5.5
Bill Jett IT at GCCN

Answer : exchange user with corrupted mailbox


Your best bet would be to download the drivers for your software from here -
Once downloaded and installed/unpacked to your PC, plug the USB cable in to your PC and wait for it to ask you for the drivers, when it does point it to the location where you unpacked the drivers to, and it should install for you.

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