Question : Applying an ie7 glow filter to links.

Hi everyone

I hate ie and the following is one of the reasons. Its stupid.

I have a problem with a site I am redesigning and the problem is specifically with ie7. If you look at (this usually redirects you back to the main site because of some cookie thing so after that happens just go back to the dev site) you will see in the top right the login module. The background of the head section changes between 5 designs on page load. Because the designs are so busy and conflicting colourwise, I need to highlight the text in the login module, which I have done fine in non ie browsers with the use of the following code

text-shadow:0 0 5px #000000, -1px -1px 5px #000000;

In ie7 you can use the following filter

filter: glow(color=#000000,strength=3);

so I have this in a conditional ie7.css file as so

#form-login-password, #form-login-username, .custom_loginmodule form input, #forgot_password_text a, #register_text a, .custom_loginmodule a:visited, .custom_loginmodule a:link, .custom_loginmodule a:hover{

filter: glow(color=#000000,strength=3);


filter: glow(color=#000000,strength=0);

You can see in ie7 that this glow works fine on the login button and the username and password fields but it just wont apply to the 'register' or 'forgot password' text, possibly due to them being links.

I can't for the life of me work out why it wont work on the links. Any ideas?

Additionally the login, register and forgot password should have a hover state and the text boxes themselves don't need the glow which I haven't been able to turn off.

Thanks for looking and I hope you can help me.

On Stackoverflow I asked the same question and I got a suggestion to add
to the element which seemed to help a little but didnt apply the filter. This isn't represented in the css code above.



Answer : Applying an ie7 glow filter to links.

I would make a separate class for the elements that you want to apply the effect on, then add that class to the element in the markup.



filter: glow(color=#000000,strength=0);


<input id="modlgn_username" class="glow" name="" type="text" />

This way you can use the same class for links as well as form elements.

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